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We tailor our training programs for your leadership teams, sales executives and employee population to meet the specific needs of your organization. In addition to helping you achieve your stated goals, we find that training has a positive domino effect. When a team leader makes visible changes, other leaders and departments often follow suit. With our training, you meet your goals and impact your whole organization. Call us today for a complimentary consultation.
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We offer customized training programs for senior executive leadership teams. Common goals include team alignment, shaping new leadership teams, collective strategy and problem solving, refocusing vision and organizational re-invigoration. Wondering what your leadership team can do? We can help you explore ways to make a greater impact and improve outcomes.

“Skilset’s workshop is something every nonprofit executive should take, along with every fundraiser in the organization. Skilset is just the best!”

— Lee Jackman, CEO, Doheny Eye Institute


We help organizations improve service models, recruitment and retention, and overall output by training specific divisions. We help corporate IT teams connect with objectives and communicate with leaders. We help customer service teams understand and execute the ongoing care needed to retain clients. And we help marketing and product teams add value and introduce new offerings. Find out what we can do for you.

“Thank you for your ‘Creating Demand with Your Brand’ program at Visa’s ‘Ideas Happen’ workshop. You were the only speaker invited back, and your contribution again this year was invaluable. The winners were raving about how much they appreciated your presentation and how much they learned from it.”

— Jon Raj, Visa

Sales and Train the Trainer

Skilset’s customized training programs meet the unique needs of your sales teams. We develop and deliver results-driven, transformational training for immediate, measurable results. We also work with in-house Leadership and Development Trainers to share our programs and best practices so they can implement change going forward, and ensure a sustainable ROI.

“Skilset’s IndiBrand™ workshop takes the guesswork out of selling. I never realized how valuable it was to understand myself before I could relate effectively to clients and prospects. WOW – what a time and energy saver!”

— Wendy J. Phillips, Sales, Wells Fargo Bank


Is your organization struggling to understand, articulate and live your corporate brand? We can help. Our company-wide training program, ‘Living the Brand,’ can help you create a brand culture, and apply it to everyday practices, thinking, and conduct. By building congruency and continuity, empowering your employees and creating a culture of pride, enthusiasm, creativity, commitment and sustainability, the business results will follow.

“You rock! People across the organization LOVED your presentation. Everyone at my table was totally engaged in the exercises, I heard many folks say afterward that they wished your portion of the day was a lot longer than the two hours.”

— Kelly Johnston, VP, Mechanics Bank

Excerpts From "Five Steps To Building Your Brand"

Half day workshop at the Pacific Life Symposium designed for their Independent National Insurance Producers

Facts Tell, Stories Sell

Getting Referrals and the Power of Niche

Four Ps and Unchecked Beliefs

Reaching your Audience

Five Steps to Building Your Brand

Tailored for you

Custom programs we’ve created for our clients include:

Individual Brand Development
The Five Steps to Building Your Brand
Creating Demand with Your Brand

Presentation Skills Training
Group formats

Unique Value Proposition Development
Why You! Your Individual Brand Message

Team-building/Team Alignment
DISCovering the Value of Your Team

Corporate Brand Behavior(s)
Living the Brand

We customize our training programs to the unique needs of each individual and organization. Don’t see a program that suits your needs?
Call us. We’re happy to create a program just for you.