Speaking for Success

Igniting passion, taking action.
Michele Lando’s down-to-earth style and dynamic approach engages audiences, who consistently praise her for delivering practical, actionable, and interactive material. Whether appearing as a keynote speaker, a facilitator, or leading a workshop, Michele connects and delivers compelling, relevant content. She gives you a fresh perspective, and the tools you need to take action. Chances are, you’ll invite her back.

Compelling and Connected


Everyone has a brand. Some people build their brand carefully and deliberately, while others do it unwittingly. Your career choices, personality traits, appearance, and reputation form your personal brand, which can spark positive, negative, or neutral emotions. IndiBrand™ helps individuals build a powerful personal brand and achieve their goals through compelling messaging, differentiation and targeted exposure.

Communicate to Connect

Did you know there are four distinct styles of behavior? Most of us go through life without any awareness of our own behavioral style, even though it can prevent you from making the connections you need to succeed in your professional life. By understanding your style and how you communicate, and recognizing and adapting to other styles, you will be able to create those bridges. We call it communicating to connect.

5 Steps to Creating Demand with Your Brand

What is your brand? Maybe you’re unsure, most people are. We’ll help you discover your brand and how to design it. You’ll learn the five steps to build your brand, and how to fully leverage it to create demand for yourself. From introspection to competitive analysis, unique messaging and creating brand buzz, your brand can generate high demand and work FOR you, even while you’re sleeping.

CHOICE Consistently Honing Our Intentions Concerning Excellence

We make choices all day, every day. The choices you have made have brought you to where you are today. Your choices will either lead you toward your dreams and ambitions or take you further away. To achieve our goals, we must be Consistently Honing Our Intentions Concerning Excellence. This is CHOICE™. With every CHOICE you make, make your choices count.


Consistently Honoring Our Intentions Concerning Excellence

With every choice you make, make your choices count!

Whether a leader focusing on culture, an executive leading teams, a sales professional building your career, or an individual with dreams and aspirations yet to be realized; every choice you make takes you closer toward fulfillment of your potential or farther away. Choices may seem random. Circumstances may disguise the fact that therein lies a choice. Working with a framework to guide your thinking, your beliefs and your behaviors, you can design your life’s choices and fully realize the life you dare to live. Reach your full potential; fulfill your purpose with the CHOICE – Consistently Honing Our Intentions Concerning Excellence(™) Program.  That’s what these folks did . . .and you can too! We will be happy to show you how.

You can turn to Skilset for speaking on a variety of topics. Keynote, breakout session and workshop formats are available. From branding and leadership to the critical role of communication, our programs are powerful and keep people coming back for more. Our core topic areas have gained considerable notoriety and acclaim.