Making strategic moves is key to impactful improvement. Our coaching programs are designed to help everyone in your organization achieve their goals. We foster self-awareness so you can influence your audience’s perceptions. We guide individuals, departments, and corporate leaders to help you make smart choices and achieve your most important business goals.

How Will You Connect?

Leadership Coaching

We coach business leaders to navigate change, overcome obstacles, and inspire loyalty among your stakeholders. We help you to connect your unique personal brand with your company’s mission, values, and strategies. Leadership styles vary, but effectiveness does not – it either works, or it doesn’t. As part of our coaching, we will help you find the best ways for you to work more effectively and deliver the results you want for your business.

Executive Sales Coaching

Improve the way you connect with clients and prospects by shifting your mindset, and adopting new skills and behaviors. Our executive sales coaching helps you foster relationships in which your prospects view you as a partner for greater success. With new perspectives, refined processes and redefined beliefs, you will be equipped to take immediate action. Our 3-, 6- and 12-month programs give you the ability to achieve measurable results.

We customize our coaching programs to the unique needs of each individual and organization.
Achieve your goals using our innovative tools and techniques.

Organizational/Cultural Coaching

Working with thousands of people over the past 20 years, we’ve found that people want to learn, grow and contribute to something beyond our individual selves. Before employees, management, executives and the C-suite can become ambassadors for your organization, they need to feel an emotional connection to the corporate brand. We help you build that connection, and foster your brand culture. By developing an engaging brand everyone can get behind, your organization can stimulate momentum for ongoing success.

Communications Coaching for Departments and Divisions

There are many sub-brands within an organization. These brands may have a positive, negative or neutral internal reputation. Skilset works with division leaders, teams and individual employees to create awareness, develop strategies, and implement tools to help you work better inter- and intra-departmentally. By elevating your department or division’s brand, you can gain a stronger voice at the table and more robust budgets to meet your goals. Fostering stronger connections will also garner greater organizational support. The result is improved performance organization-wide.

While most coaching work occurs as a confidential 1:1 exchange with Michele’s clients, her TEDx speaker coaching is an instance where she can share the coaching experience. And what an amazing experience it was!

Allison Gryphon, Filmmaker and Lolita Lopez, NBC News Broadcaster. They were great coach-ees, and massaged it until it was just perfect!

“Allison and I came in with our rough draft of the talk and it was good, but after ONE coaching session, we made it great. I say this humbly and with modesty because it really comes down to how our speaking coach found the nuggets that were good in the talk and had us think about those and how we could enhance them. We made big changes to our talk but they felt natural and right.”
Lolita Lopez, NBC News Broadcaster

Michele Lando continues to be our go-to resource when we need executive coaching and facilitation assistance. She’s worked with numerous individuals including a 20-year veteran who is highly competent technically but was not promotable due to his ‘rough around the edges’ inner-personal skills. Michele was able to bring awareness and behavioral change to bear, over a 6 month period, such that we were able to offer the promotion this person had been
                   requesting and retain a valuable employee . . .

                   D.B., Executive Vice President, Sales Division Manager of Citizens Business Bank