Speaking for Success

     Igniting passion, taking action.

Learn how to recognize some of the clues and queues that lead you to your purpose. Take this journey with Michele as she guides you through a meaningful, introspective discovery of yourself in her TEDx talk, Aligning Your Purpose, Passion & Profit. Want to learn more about what motivates you? Take your Motivators Assessment here.

Michele’s down-to-earth style and dynamic approach engages audiences. Consistently praised for delivering practical, actionable, and interactive material whether appearing as a keynote speaker, a facilitator, or leading a workshop, Michele connects and delivers compelling, relevant content. She gives you a fresh perspective, and the tools you need to take action. Chances are, you’ll invite her back.

Speaking To Address Key Corporate Challenges

Data-Driven Leadership

Communicate to Connect

Let’s not ignore the science and the technological data that exists to illuminate how to best lead our teams, have influence cross-functionally, and ignite individuals in the organization to inspire them to lead! Learn the strategic formula to ensure you create buy-in, influence and collaboration. Moreover, learn how to become a transformational leader by building leaders, one at a time utilizing unique data, and recognize the power of diversity from the inside out!

We communicate every day. We talk, we listen, but do we always feel heard? How can we ensure we make the connection with the other person? The prospect? The board? It’s a combination of knowing what to do and how to do it. Communicate to Connect combines the science and the art available for you to create influence and reach outcomes!

Align Your Purpose, Passion & Profit

Create Demand For Your Brand

What if we each knew our purpose? How would it fuel your passion, joy, confidence, determination, resilience, results, sense of fulfillment? Now, multiply that answer by every individual on a team, and again, across every team in an organization. Learn how you can unlock the clues and queues that guide you to live with purpose, passion, and profit – from the inside out!

Tap into the 5 steps of how to design your brand, from the inside out, to magnetize the right audiences to you. Get away from a synthetic elevator pitch about what you do and move into the authentic sharing of who you are! Then you can let your brand work for you, to become . . . the ‘go to’, the leader of choice, the one other’s recommend, the . . . [Fill in the Blank] with why you want to be in demand!


Consistently Honing Our Intentions Concerning Excellence

With every choice you make, make your choices count!

Whether a leader focusing on culture, an executive leading teams, a sales professional building your career, or an individual with dreams and aspirations yet to be realized; every choice you make takes you closer toward fulfillment of your potential or farther away.  Choices may seem random. Circumstances may disguise the fact that therein lies a choice. Working with a framework to guide your thinking, your beliefs and your behaviors, you can design your life’s choices, and fully realize the life you dare to live. Reach your full potential; fulfill your purpose with the CHOICE – Consistently Honing Our Intentions Concerning Excellence(™) Program. That’s what these folks did . . .and you can too! We will be happy to show you how.

Her audiences agree, Michele is a dynamic,
informative, and inspiring speaker!
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Get a Sense of Michele’s Style

Watch these video clips to get a sense of Michele’s style and, through her stories, some of the material that is shared in her keynotes, workshops, and consulting practice.

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Michele is genuine and passionate. Her innovative perspective and creative approach make for a dynamic experience. Michele spoke for us on a number of occasions, from a 4-hour workshop to a 1-hour keynote, bringing her vibrant personal style to whatever she does. Her content is always relevant and she will customize to your needs to educate, inform and engage with your audiences.

S.W., Assistant Vice President, Meeting and Event Marketing, Pacific Life