Watch This! HILARIOUS and powerful look at communication styles – in this case between a celebrity married couple on Ellen’s show. (For those of you who have been through my DISCovering the Value of Your Team program I know you’re thinking what I am . . . so funny!!!)

My takeaways . . . He said/She said: 

He is logic-based – it’s not that he had easier food to describe, it’s the way he’s doing it. He is factual and direct, nonetheless showing how much he loves her with every endearment and tenderness he uses alongside his own frustration.
She is more emotionally driven, so she’s got the whole experience wrapped in to the food item. Including the context of time of day or the way it feels, which is how she processes what she is experiencing in order to be able to share and articulate it. [Watch as she actually takes repeat bites, like that’s going to have any impact on how she explains it.] Eating another bite is actually her way to trigger another thought by experiencing it again.
The #logic and #emotion combination can be challenging to be sure. Especially if you’re not equipped to know how to plan for this. What if you are logic-based and you research an opportunity, present it with facts and data and absolute certainty to your boss to gain buy-in yet they are emotion-based? With their style they might reply with, “This is good, I like it, I just don’t FEEL like it’s the right time for this”. You’re then THINKING (v feeling) what do you mean you don’t FEEL it’s the right time? I just showed you what the opportunity is and why it is now! (I’m sure this has never happened to you, but maybe somebody else you have observed in the workplace – Ha!)

There are clear ways to prepare for this; to recognize, understand and plan for the differences to create #impact, have #influence, and get the #results you are after. Sound like something you or your team might want to learn more about? It’s my pleasure!

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