Want some Key Questions to develop your EQ?

Okay, here are a couple . . . let’s start with one EQ dimension around Self:

You can start by examining how accurately you perceive your emotional state or how high is your level of self-awareness? Ask yourself throughout the day: what am I experiencing right now? Why? How is it impacting my ability to perform?

When you do recognize your emotional state you can move into self-regulation by asking yourself what could I do about what I’m experiencing, why should/shouldn’t I, and how can I appropriately express/impact what I’m experiencing?

Sometimes it’s best to just wait to make a decision by recognizing you’re emotional state is too extreme to make the decision in that moment.

This last point reminds me of one of Einstein’s many brilliant quotes. Allow me to paraphrase . . . “We can’t solve the problem with the same mind that created it.”

That means one of two things, either a) apply some EQ to shift your thinking or b) when you aren’t able to ‘re-frame’ your thinking on your own tap into an EQ savvy coach to help you see through a new lens.

With practice you will develop your EQ and your ability to re-frame for yourself.

Bonus EQ Coaching Tip: It may seem obvious to ask yourself these questions when you are in a state of upset. It’s actually valuable to understand how self-aware you are all throughout a day. And through both positive and challenging emotions to strengthen your self-awareness muscle and consistently operate with a heightened EQ.