Get ready for the chill of truth as I call it; the goosebumps you get when you hit pure truth and you know it; but not with your mind!

We had my friend and her family over this weekend for a walk at Descanso Gardens in La Canada and then dinner at our house. Great family, great friend! My friend Akemi brought me the sweetest little plant as you can see – along with a lovely bottle of Cabernet. That’s Akemi. So thoughtful!

It was just the right size to put on the table alongside the succulents in these mini copper pots my dear client had sent me a year ago on my birthday.

I told my husband, I was going to take a picture and send it to my client and remind her how she had touched me with her thoughtfulness. While I am fortunate to receive accolades, appreciation and good compensation for my work, it’s not often I get gifts. It was special!

I sent her this note, “Thank you… still, for my lovely succulents. They have a new friend to keep them company”.

She wrote back almost immediately and said, “Do you mean the butterfly? I have a story to share with you about butterflies.”

“Great, I want to hear it let’s jump on the phone this afternoon.”

Here we go…

She proceeds to thank me again for all I’ve done for her over the past couple of years and the milestone she had reached which “wouldn’t have happened without you”. She went on to remind me that 2018 had been a rough year with the loss of her loved ones and how she had committed to reading and filling herself up with goodness in 2019.

She also shared of her friend who told her how she had been ‘putting things out into the universe’ and my client realized her internal response was ‘this isn’t for me, this is silly, etc.’. Then she caught herself and thought, ‘I’m being negative. I’m feeling sorry for myself, and my loss of loved ones, instead of being grateful for what I do have’.

She went on to tell me how she sent a message out to the universe herself saying, ‘if those I’ve lost are still with me, I need a sign. Send me a butterfly’. She laughed at herself as she shared this with me, “how silly, right? On top of which it’s pouring rain – where is a butterfly going to come from?!”

“And then, Michele, you sent me this photo with your thank you. And all I could see was the butterfly. I couldn’t believe it!! Not only did I get the butterfly, but it came from YOU!!! And on the very weekend I sent this message out. It wouldn’t have been the same one month or even one week later!”

We were both in a moment of silence with chills running up and down and back and forth between us.

Call it what you will but the facts are the facts.

She shifted from victimhood to ownership and then gratitude.
I was in gratitude for the gift and the special nature of our relationship.
My friend came that very weekend with a gift that included a butterfly.
I thought to take a picture and send it to my client.

All these steps had to occur… and each was driven by gratitude. But so often we are too busy, too skeptical, too out of alignment with our purpose, too [fill in the blank] to notice or to act.

I invite you, when you get a thought, honor it. Don’t just think about it. Do it! Take the action. What a tragedy it would have been if I had not photographed that butterfly and sent it off.

I encourage you to be on the lookout for the miracles, for your butterflies, that are all around! See with an open heart. Our gratitude is a door to Grace in Action.


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