“Adding value by reducing your boss’ stress”. The language may resonate or may be off-putting. The sentiment remains…

I was recently wrapping up a coaching series with a client and when I asked her the top key takeaways the first one she listed is another way of saying what Mark is speaking of: “I’ve learned that inherent in my role is to block and tackle”. That is, for me to just handle it. Shield my boss wherever I can. ARTICLE LINK https://www.cnbc.com/2018/06/25/mark-cuban-top-employees-share-this-characteristic.html

And by the way, she got a promotion and a hefty bonus last week by learning how to do just that.

Call it what you will, say it how you wish – the key is to take ownership, don’t just push the problem up (or over); come prepared with a solution or two or three. Or solve for it so it never need be brought up at all.

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