We all have to connect to influence, make things happen and get things done! Whether you have ambitions of being a TED speaker, a well-received corporate leader at the podium, a confident speaker in a room full of peers, or a sales professional with the ability to connect with prospective buyers, these Top Ten TED Talk Tips will help set you on track!

Are you ready to make a positive impact?

Top Ten TED Talk Tips:  

  1. Your idea should be a big idea and stand for something. Make sure you are thinking strategically and in alignment with broader goals.
  2. Self-confidence is a non-negotiable. You must believe you have the right to give your talk, or lead a meeting, run a project, or have a seat at the table.
  3. Everybody’s got a story – practice telling yours well; over and over and then let go. Meaning be authentic and be present.
  4. Authenticity is relatable – it’s all about you, it is your unique story, authentically told by you. Incorporate your stories!
  5. Your talk should inspire people to be or do something greater. Be pure of heart. You can always ask them questions that tap into their imagination.
  6. Don’t hold back – be vulnerable. People prefer to listen to someone who is not afraid to share their failures and foibles. Don’t forget to share the part about how you turned that failure around.
  7. Connect the dots – don’t assume we are able to fill in any gaps, we don’t know your story. Ask a layperson what else they need to understand as part of your preparation.
  8. Make an emotional impact and win hearts and minds. Start with the “why” before the “what” to create that emotional connection.
  9. You need only start with a kernel of an idea – a good coach can help you pull together your full story. Have prep partners available for you.
  10. Use speaking as a platform to grow. Growth doesn’t happen in comfort; be uncomfortable and take a chance!

You don’t need to be a ‘TED talker’ to bring the house down. 

You need to bring the best of yourself to your particular house!

You can use any one or all of these 10 tips to help you bring your best.

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