A recent study showed that over 65% of employees are uninterested, uninspired and unfulfilled. And that number is even greater in the U.S. according to Gallup.Engaged at workOnboarding is a prime opportunity to activate a first step of an on-going engagement strategy. 

When done well it can provide much positive impact including: 

  • Creating internal enthusiasm for the employee 
  • Igniting a new hire to generate what I call ‘brand buzz’ amongst their prior colleagues, friends and family – by touting your organization as ‘a good move’ on their part
  • Helping solidify your organization as an employer of choice.

How many times have we heard (or experienced) the opposite with a new hire who’s disillusioned because they weren’t set up properly? 

  • Whether it is their computer or phone that wasn’t ready
  • They don’t know who owns what in the organization 
  • There’s no road-map (whether human or paper) to help them navigate legacy keepers of information or identify people significant to help them in their role. 

Or, perhaps as just happened this past week with a friend’s son of mine in his new role, the person he was hired to support didn’t plan ahead to make the time needed, or create a plan, to train him on the needs and nuances of the job.

Just like the receptionist is to someone who walks through the door, the onboarding process is the critical first step for your new hire, and how you create a culture of people that are highly engaged – before they even arrive! (Note the pre-onboarding suggestions in the checklist below).

  • Here’s a checklist from Glassdoor to make sure that the terrific new talent you just put in place is as engaged and inspired as possible and continues to get more excited due to the onboarding process! 

Do you have any positive onboarding experiences to share? I’d love to hear!

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