The three legs: The What, Why and How have equal weight but often only the What is addressed in the planning.

Are you remembering to address all three with your team as you plan for success in 2019?

What: Your functional role and being technically competent (which is pay to play or you should not have people on your team if not highly competent).

Strategy is a Three-legged Stool

Great insights last week you guys!! Can’t imagine a better way to have spent my birthday than with y’all!

Why: The ability to create (relevant) context to influence others; meaning understanding what is important to them, consider their point of view, to frame the importance of why your initiative, task, opportunity, or observation matters. Help them to discover what you see and care about it because of their focus or agenda (as opposed to pushing yours. Your agenda is just that…yours).

How: The art of 1) Building relationships 2) Creating Shared Perspective and 3) Tailoring your communication to ensure you connect. (And in that order.)

So exciting to discuss all this in the Strategic Planning session yesterday aptly named: ‘From Here to There’.

Strategy is a Three-legged Stool

#BeingYourBest #MakingItHappen #WhatWhyHow

Kudos to Jessica and her powerhouse team for making the time to do 2019 strategic planning to ensure they meet their goals! AND to reflect upon the three legs of leadership behaviors essential to the success of this mission critical and high performing team!!


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