As I mentioned in my last post, we have entered the era where who we’re being is just as important as what we’re doing… lets take it to the next level.

Discovering our life purpose is about conscious living – living by design rather than by default. It’s not about where we were born, what our parents wanted or what we were told we deserve. Instead, it’s about self-discovery, and having the courage to be all we were intended to become. And since we do what we do for a living eight-plus hours a day, it’s about aligning what we do with who we are, truly, authentically and deeply. When who we are is reflected in what we do, we not only experience more congruency within ourselves – we demonstrate that authenticity to the outside world. This often translates into inspiration.

When you and your brand are authentic and congruent, you can let your brand work for you even while you’re sleeping. You will be seen as the expert in your field, the go-to in your organization, a must-have on the team and a smart investment by others.
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