My TED talk had to occur this ear, at this event, in this location!

While I’ve been a speaker coach for many years for my corporate clients, I’ve also had the privilege of coaching multiple TEDx Speakers 2 years running. This year I’ve stepped up to be a speaker at TEDx myself. There is so much serendipity around this occurring and it plays into my philosophy that when we are doing what we are supposed to be doing (e.g., living in alignment with our purpose), the universe conspires to help us along our path. Here’s how it all came together:

At my book launch party earlier this year a friend I hadn’t seen in nearly 20 years came in from NY to help celebrate. At the end of the evening she asked me if what I’m doing these days would align well with a TED talk. I laughed because I’m constantly encouraged and requested (particularly by the students at USC where I can get into more ‘real’ conversation than corporate environments) to ‘turn that into a TED talk’. So my dear friend Sanae introduced me to her friend, Rob, a brilliant and learned friend in Sedona, and the next thing you know I am doing my first TEDx talk.

And it’s in one of the most magical places, Sedona – have you ever seen the awe-inspiring red rock mountains there? If you haven’t, and want to experience something truly stirring, you must make a date. If you want to combine the surroundings with the TEDx Sedona experience come join me!!! This is also the location where my husband and I enjoyed a very special, romantic Thanksgiving holiday almost 31 Novembers ago.

Moreover, as part of my Create Demand for Your Brand workshop, and my lecture at USC by the same name, I provide a Unique Attributes exercise whereby we distill our individual brand to just one word. . .

My one word that comes back time and again is . . . INSPIRATION. And the theme for TEDx this year? INSPIRE.

Thank you to Sanae, Rob, and the universe for conspiring!

As I’m readying for the talk next month I will share some behind the scenes prepping, the non-glamorized version of speaking that you might find useful — or use as inspiration—in your own arenas.


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