I recently came across an HBR article (https://buff.ly/2VvTOkJ) about growing your influence at work. In short, it suggested that things like your title and number of direct reports really don’t carry you far within the organization like they once might have. Instead, informal power can help you “mobilize resources, drive change, and create value for the organization as well as yourself.”

If you’re looking to grow your influence, the article lays out a few different suggestions. One, in particular, jumped out to me: “Get to know your stakeholders and collaborators better as individuals.” This aligns with my belief in #CommunicatingToConnect. If you get to know those around you and understand their style, you will be able to create a better connection, in the end helping to increase your influence.

We communicate everyday. How can we ensure we make the connection with the other person? I take an approach that combines science and art for you to create influence and reach outcomes. And it starts #FromTheInsideOut!

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