I had the good fortune to participate in the Global Leadership Summit last week. There were pearls of wisdom from Simon Sinek and John Maxwell as you might expect. And also so many gems from others you may not be as familiar with. I just have to share a few with you. They are so thought provoking I’ll parse them out over the next week or so one at a time . . . Let’s start with this:

“How we use our power is the measure of our leadership. Great leaders use their power to empower others.”

– Danielle Strickland, Justice Advocate

In my own practice working with Fortune 500’s my work is all about Transformational Leadership, so naturally this would resonate with me!

And how does this resonate with you . . . ‘Leaders’ don’t have to have the title of leader to exhibit the behaviors of leaders, do they?

How do you empower others?


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