It’s one thing to say we invest in our people, it’s another thing to do it. Here’s what one of my customers does…

I have a corporate client who holds “Open Office Hours” with me one day a week. I make myself available at the same time, the same day, for any coaching call or topic any employee in that department may have. The only requirement is that they send me a “heads up” note the day before regarding the items they want to cover in our call. This gets them focused and gives me time to prepare where needed.

They can work through an issue or ask for guidance with me being their unbiased and confidential partner to help them address the situations they’re facing within the organization.

Remember that post I shared last week on Boundaries and Re-framing? That insight came from one of these Open Office Hour Sessions!

Imagine the impact of providing all employees in your organization with this type of opportunity! Want to brainstorm? Let’s connect!

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